Archaeological Protocols Committee

This master committee is divided into several subcommittees tasked with the development of minimum standards for data gathering and analysis for different topics and/or classes of artifacts. Each subcommittee has its own chair and members, although there is no limit to how many subcommittees any one individual can join. As these subcommittees develop and refine their standards, reports will appear on this page below. Any member of CTA is welcome to submit questions to the subcommittee chair, and to offer their services as a committee member. The subcommittees are as follows:

Provenience and Context, Jonathan Jarvis, Chair
Integrity and Context, Tom McIntosh, Chair
Lithics, Jon Lohse, Chair
Ceramics, Linda Ellis, Chair
Features, Katherine Turner-Pearson, Chair

Ceramic Protocols

In 2010, the CTA Ceramics Protocol Committee was tasked with developing a set of basic guidelines for conducting the analysis of prehistoric ceramics in Texas. A formal presentation of the Committee’s findings was presented at the Fall 2010 meeting of the Council of Texas Archeologists.

The Council of Texas Archeologists Ceramics Protocol Committee recommends the adoption of the proposed guidelines outlined in the Summary Report presented below. We recommend that the CTA adopt this protocol as constituting the minimal ceramic research and analytical standards to be adhered to by archeologists working in Texas. These guidelines should be seen providing a greater degree of specificity and detail regarding how and why to conduct ceramic research in Texas, and what selected research questions warrant additional attention in different parts of the State. As a means of addressing the different ceramic traditions found in different parts of the Texas, a supplemental document entitled “Regional Summaries of Prehistoric and Early Historic Ceramics in Texas” is also presented below. We are in hopes that this document will draw attention to and aid in the development of regionally specific ceramic research questions. The Committee welcomes all questions and comments regarding the proposed guidelines.

CTA Ceramic Summary Report

Regoinal Summaries of Prehistoric and Early Historic Ceramics in Texas

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