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Council of Texas Archeologists Ethics Statement

(approved Spring 2019; amended Spring 2021)

CTA members agree to promote, investigate, preserve, and enhance the cultural resources of the state in a responsible manner without participating in illegal activities to achieve said purpose, and shall work to educate and engage with the public on the vast and complex history and prehistory of the state. Members shall commit to upholding the CTA professional standards and guidelines, and shall conduct work according to the following ethical guidelines:

1. Members shall represent archaeology and its research results to the public in a responsible manner to the extent compatible with resource protection and legal obligations;

2. Members shall not falsify results or findings, plagiarize, or misrepresent themselves, their efforts, or their results, but shall report truthfully on methods, findings, personnel and project limitations.

3. Members shall consider public and stakeholder opinion during resource evaluation, and shall promote opportunities to engage the public in archaeological projects.

4. Members shall promote conservation opportunities as a complement to site investigation in an effort to minimize the destructive nature of excavation.

5. Members shall promote a safe work environment and will abide by laws pertaining to harassment and discrimination.

6. Members shall have adequate and appropriate training and experience for the research they undertake. Collaboration will be welcomed and encouraged.

7. Members shall not knowingly be involved in any activity that supports commercial exploitation of artifacts.

8. Members shall promote and follow best practices in the curation of archeological collections in accordance with all State and Federal regulations and professional guidelines.

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