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Standards and Guidelines

CTA is a leader in the archaeological community in setting standards and establishing guidelines for the practice of successful and ethical archeology in Texas. We promote high professional standards for archeology, and our guidelines serve as a benchmark for archeologists who wish to maintain CTA membership (their membership may be revoked if CTA discovers they do not adhere to our ethical standards). The CTA guidelines provide a code of self-regulation concerning performance, curation, and reports. Links to these documents are provided below. The Guidelines are an evolving set of documents. Suggestions for revisions may be made to CTA’s Survey Standards Committee.

Archeological Survey Standards for Texas 

(updated April 2020)

Professional Performance Standards for Fieldwork and Analysis

Curation Standards and Procedures 

(revised March 2020; updated April 2021)

Guidelines and Standards for CRM Reports

(updated April 2024)

Guidelines for Identification of Historic Cemeteries and Unmarked Historic Graves

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