New Contractor’s List Chair

Hello all:

I’d like to announce a new Contractor’s List chair, who will succeed Shelly Fischbeck in that role. Dr. Erin Phillips, of Coastal Environments, Inc. will now be in charge of the Contractor’s List. She can be reached at:

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New Publication Uploaded

I’d like to direct your attention to our newest submission to the CTA publications page, a Brown Bag Presentation on ground-truthing parts of the Camino Real de los Tejas National Historic Trail, by Andrea Burden and Steven Gonzales. Click here to go to the Publications Page.

Update: Andrea Burden asked me to add a couple of things to accompany her presentation, and I have included them on the Publications Page. Included is the full EA for El Camino Real NHT, and Google Earth (.kmz) files of the trail. Enjoy!

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Spring 2016 CTA Newsletter is Ready


Click “About CTA” and then “Newsletters” to download the latest PDF. Thanks!

Mindy Bonine
CTA Newsletter Editor

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Square is up!

The online payment system has been updated with our new link to Square. Please check it out and let me know if there are any problems. I did notice that the image at the top of the payment page is quite large, but if you scroll down the information is there. Thanks,


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PayPal is Down

We are in the process of switching to a new online payment system, and the PalPal links on the Membership Page “Become a Member” have been removed. The new system will be running shortly, and we will be able to accept dues through the mail and at the Spring Meeting in addition to the new system once its up and running. At the meeting we can accept cash, checks, and credit cards. Please stand by for more news as it happens….

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Access to Camp Mabry for CTA Spring Meeting

Just a reminder to everyone that anyone who comes to the meeting at Camp Mabry must bring a photo ID. Tell the guard that you are attending the CTA Spring Meeting in Building 8. Please do not park in the small parking lot at the west entrance of Building 8, but continue on to the large parking lot to the east. Anyone who is NOT a current member and plans to attend the meeting or social will need to contact Kristi Miller Ulrich ( to register. Please see the Spring 2015 newsletter for specific directions. See you on April 3!

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Governmental Affairs and New Legislative Session

With the 84th Texas Legislature regular session kicking off last month, the Governmental Affairs Committee urges CTA membership to take advantage of a nifty way to stay informed of bill submissions, committee meetings, and such via, a tailored online account hosted through the legislature’s main website.  My TLO allows users to:

·        Save lists of searched bills (original text and amendments)

·        Track legislation with bill lists

·        Receive bill and meeting alerts

·        Subscribe to RSS feeds

·        View content on a mobile device

To set up an account, just go to and click “login” in the upper right hand corner of your screen and follow the instructions on the screen.

You can start reviewing legislation by hovering over the “search” tab and selecting “text search”.  Enter search terms (e.g., archeological, historic, Indian, grave) and click “search” at the right; just make sure the Legislature listed is the 84th.  Once your search list comes up, you can track relevant legislation by clicking the Texas icon drop-down menu along the left side of the bill, etc. and choosing “Add to Bill List” and “Add to Alert List”.

To see your legislation list, click on the tab “my tlo” at the top of the screen, left side.  Here you can also go to your “Alerts List” and then click on the tab “Subjects” and add subjects for alerts from a pre-determined list to receive alerts when  bills are assigned to those specific subjects (e.g., cemeteries, historic preservation and museums).

That’s it!  Staying informed and engaged with the legislative process will enable CTA membership to better promote the issues that directly affect us and protect the resources we steward and this portal makes it easy.  So login today!

Andrea Stahman Burden, Governmental Affairs Committee

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Peering Through the Sands of Time

TxDOT is proud to announce that the archeology publication Peering through the Sands of Time is now available for free download from Dropbox, iTunes, and the Google Play Store. This book provides an overview of TxDOT-sponsored excavations in northeastern Texas at a prehistoric Caddo settlement, dating primarily to the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries A. D. The publication includes extensive photographs of the finds and a detailed treatment of Caddo pottery manufacture. The iBook version — accessible from an iPad or Mac — also contains many interactive features, including three-dimensional models of some Caddo pots.

Unless you already have an iTunes account (and iPad or Mac) or a Google Play account, the following Dropbox link probably provides the easiest access to the PDF of the publication:

The link to the iBook on iTunes is:

The link to the PDF on the Google Play Store is:

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MAP Initiative


Pat Mercado-Allinger and I were recently contacted by Lynne Sebastian (the archeologist representative on the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation) about an initiative she is developing to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act which will be coming up in 2016. Pat and I met with Lynne at the SAAs to discuss it and have a few questions answered. Though it will be quite an undertaking, we feel it is quite possible, but only with your help.

The initiative, called MAP (Making Archeology Public) will be a series of videos that are web-based and interactive and would present some aspect(s) of life in the past that we only know of due to CRM or NRHP-based archeology. Each state is asked to develop a series of story boards that could be developed into a short 10-15 minute video. The only “rules” are that it must be about life in the past; was determined from CRM archeology; and is appealing to the public. I’ve attached the original hand-out that was sent to us with some details. There is a steering committee made up of a representative each from SAA, SHA, ACRA, and RPA that will help pull this all together. The Archaeology Channel has also stepped up to participate.

What is needed are a couple of things: someone to spearhead this (with a team) and develop the storyboards, which need to be in place by the end of the year. And, of course, a request for money (approximately $2000) from each state to help make this happen. As we had our Spring meeting and approved the budget for next year, there is no way that I can ask CTA to contribute to this without a vote, and we all know that won’t happen until October. So I hope that we might be able to collect the funds needed from firms that are doing CRM in Texas.

I think that Texas may have a step-up in that Texas Beyond History is an incredible tool that could be a guide, offer insight and potential story lines. Also, CRM archeology has provided us with a number of projects that have enhanced our understanding of the past in ways that would have not happened prior to NRHP (e.g., Wilson-Leonard, Freedmans’ Cemetery, among many others).

Things need to begin moving if we’re to accomplish this in the current timeline. So I hope that I can count on some folks out there who would like to help tell the Texas story. Please contact me or Pat if you have any ideas, questions, would love to take this on, or would like to participate as a team member.

Thank you!!

Missi Green
CTA President
469.647.4866 (o)
214.240.0925 (c)

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Parking at the LCRA Redbud Center

For your information, attached is the parking map you will need for the CTA Spring meeting on March 21st.

Parking at LCRA

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