Parking at the LCRA Redbud Center

For your information, attached is the parking map you will need for the CTA Spring meeting on March 21st.

Parking at LCRA

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CTA Spring Newsletter

The CTA Spring 2014 Newsletter has been uploaded to the website. Please follow this link.

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Results of Texas State Univeristy Survey

Attached are the results of the survey conducted by the Texas State University staff on the Texas Archaeological Community. Two files are included: a table of the raw data, and a summary of the results. Although there were 137 total responses, a few were clearly fabricated by the respondent, or were so anomalous that we felt they did not accurately reflect the larger pool of respondents. Volunteers and undergraduates were also not included in the tables presented here. Therefore the charts presented here are based off a pool of 131 or 132 responses, rather than the total 137 responses.

Job Title-Gender-Age Raw Data

Salary and Demographics Survey Results

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Updated 2014 Budget Proposal

The budget included in the Fall CTA newsletter does not include the 2013 budget for comparison purposes, and Carole would like to post this updated 2014 proposed budget with that information included. Copies will be available at the Fall meeting.

2014 proposed CTA Budget

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CTA Fall 2013 Newsletter Ready

Please click on the link below or navigate to the Newsletter page to download the latest CTA newsletter. Please note there is a large digital poster attached to the back of the newsletter, and this may affect the display of the newsletter on your screen. Zooming in will allow you to read the pages. Thanks,

Mindy Bonine
CTA Newsletter Editor

Newsletter Page

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Texas State University Survey

The faculty and staff at Texas State University are making a proposal to the university to start an anthropology PhD program and wanted to collect some basic demographic data on the state of the field in Texas. They have created a survey to include with the proposal, and would like all CTA members to complete the quick online form. The survey is anonymous and no personal information will be collected. They’ve agreed to share the results with CTA, which I think could be useful to have (especially when it comes to future legislative battles) and share with our membership. We hope to have the results at the next meeting.

The link to the survey is:

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New Publications!

Please note that we have several new additions to the CTA Publications page, including three years of the Archeological Journal of the Texas Prairie-Savannah, edited by Jesse Todd, and a recent paper on four sites in Madison County by Bill Moore. Check it out!

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House Bill 174

On April 25,  the Texas Legislature passed House Bill 174 effectively creating American Indian Heritage Day in Texas and because it got at least a two-thirds vote in both houses it takes effect immediately. This is important because it is not often that the Great State of Texas recognizes the historic, cultural, and social contributions of Native Americans within its borders. This law designates one day (the last Friday in September) to be observed in Texas public schools and other places with appropriate ceremonies, activities, and programs to honor Native Americans in this state and to celebrate their traditional and contemporary culture. I think we can all appreciate that increased public awareness, particularly among new generations of Texans, of the history of Native Americans in Texas has implications for our profession as well. So mark your calendars now. BTW, it’s also a great way to kickoff October as Texas Archeology Month!

To follow more bills like this on your own, just go to

and set up a password.  You can run keyword searches for bills that might interest you and add them to a bill alert list so you can receive emails on their progress.


 Andrea Stahman Burden, M.A., RPA

CTA Governmental Affairs Committee


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Spring 2013 Newsletter Available

Please go to the Newsletters section of this website to download the latest! Or, click HERE.

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Support the THC

The CTA Government Affairs Committee is posting the following information adapted from the recent Support Texas Archeology & History Research newsletter:

Support the Texas Historical Commission

When the 82nd Legislature began almost two years ago, the overall budget shortfall was about 15%. However, the Texas Historical Commission faced a 71% reduction in their budget – carrying far more of the load than their fair share. All programs suffered cutbacks with extensive loss of operating personnel. For the past two years, the agency has withstood a budget reduction of nearly 50 pecent and the elimination of 47 employees.

This summer, the Governor began the budget drafting process by mandating the THC produce an L.A.R. budget to outline an additional 10% reduction in their budget. In order to further reduce budget, significant loss of programs may be required. This will have a serious negative effect on the THC’s ability to provide the fundamental programs necessary to preserve and protect our historical and archeological assets. Many programs that are extremely important to local economies will be in jeopardy from further budget cuts; such as the Main Street program, Courthouse Preservation, the Regional Trails Program, and others. Many small, rural communities rely on tourism for a significant portion of their economy and will suffer far greater impact from loss of these programs than major metropolitan areas.

The good news is that the Legislative Budget Board’s recently published budget does not eliminate the agency’s operating budget as expected (see here). However, it is alarming that the proposed LBB budget remains flat and even retracts in places. The legislative session is underway and we need to remain alert. The Government Affairs committee is monitoring bills that are being filed and will keep the membership informed of any concerns, both here and through the list serve.

Remember, in matters of politics, your vote and your voice do matter. Let your representatives hear from you – often and strongly. Spread the word to your friends and relatives and ask them to support this effort as well. It’s a numbers game to the people we elect – if they hear the same message, often and clear, they WILL understand that it matters to them – because it matters to us. It is important to keep your communications with these busy people direct and on point. Avoid combining other unrelated issues.

In order to keep the message clear and effective, we strongly recommend something like the following simplified message:

“The Texas Historical Commission provides a fundamental service to ALL Texans. Their mission must NOT be jeopardized by further budget and personnel cutbacks. I want the Legislature to RESTORE FUNDING to the 2010 level for the agency during the upcoming biennium.”

Help Locating Your Senator and Representative

To find contact information for your personal Senator or Representative, use the following links that will take you to the official Senate or House website. There you will find telephone, email and mailing addresses:



If you are not sure who is your state representative or senator, use this website:

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