Governmental Update: Coalition for American Heritage

CTA members,

Please see this summary provided by Haley Rush, Chair of the Membership Committee, on a recent webinar hosted by the Coalition for American Heritage.

Remember that although we are Cultural Resource specialists, we are also the “public” and can and should comment on rules published in the Federal Register.  You can sign up for notifications from the Federal Register by key terms (  I have tried it and can say that my email gets overloaded.  The Federal Register website contains an immense amount of information.  As an alternative, the Coalition for American Heritage has a Facebook page and will post notifications for items that are important so you can avoid looking through all documents published in the Federal Register that may contain rules that are worthy of comment.

Comments really can influence changes to rules.  Rules cannot just be wiped away; all are open to public comment.  The rulemaking/changing process is time-consuming; for complicated or contentious issues, it can take years.  Do not let the long time frame lure you into ignoring the potential effects.  There is a legitimate danger in reducing rules/regulations in terms of losing historic resources and in turn, losing jobs.  Again, public comment periods allow time for all interested parties to provide documentation, information, etc., that can help the federal agency decide whether or not to make the changes printed in the Federal Register.   Don’t forget you are an expert in Cultural Resource Management! The government officials are not always experts and do not share your POV as a consultant.   

 Here is a guide to submitting effective comments (remember comments become part of public, i.e., searchable, record):           

 You might ask, where is all this coming from? The current administration passed EO 13771, which requires all agencies to review and reduce rules and regulations:

 Here are some other links/websites that may be helpful or of interest: 


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