CTA Fall Meeting: Professional Development Session Announced

Becky Shelton of the Texas Historical Commission has graciously agreed to lead our Friday, October 26 afternoon professional development session as part of our Fall meeting in San Antonio.  Please see a summary of what to expect below. This session is open to all CTA members.

Evaluating 20th Century Historic Resources 

Staff from the Texas Historical Commission History Programs and Archeology Division have developed a session to discuss how we review late 19th – mid-20th century, and later, historic sites and structural resources. The results of the April 2018 Spring CTA survey will guide some of the discussion. The session will include an analysis of the similarities and differences for reporting requirements and eligibility determinations under the Antiquities Code of Texas and Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.  A series of case studies will be included that provide examples of good archival research, how to evaluate unusual resource types, and how the THC recommends they be recorded.  Recommendations will be provided for the documentation needed for the reviewers to make determinations for non-collect surveys. This seminar is a starting off point for further developing survey and documentation guidelines for historic sites.  The intent is to provide feedback for members of the CTA, to seek information on how the membership thinks that this work should be handled, and to encourage the CTA to consider additional guidelines regarding these types of resources as they develop new protocols.

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