Governmental Affairs and New Legislative Session

With the 84th Texas Legislature regular session kicking off last month, the Governmental Affairs Committee urges CTA membership to take advantage of a nifty way to stay informed of bill submissions, committee meetings, and such via, a tailored online account hosted through the legislature’s main website.  My TLO allows users to:

·        Save lists of searched bills (original text and amendments)

·        Track legislation with bill lists

·        Receive bill and meeting alerts

·        Subscribe to RSS feeds

·        View content on a mobile device

To set up an account, just go to and click “login” in the upper right hand corner of your screen and follow the instructions on the screen.

You can start reviewing legislation by hovering over the “search” tab and selecting “text search”.  Enter search terms (e.g., archeological, historic, Indian, grave) and click “search” at the right; just make sure the Legislature listed is the 84th.  Once your search list comes up, you can track relevant legislation by clicking the Texas icon drop-down menu along the left side of the bill, etc. and choosing “Add to Bill List” and “Add to Alert List”.

To see your legislation list, click on the tab “my tlo” at the top of the screen, left side.  Here you can also go to your “Alerts List” and then click on the tab “Subjects” and add subjects for alerts from a pre-determined list to receive alerts when  bills are assigned to those specific subjects (e.g., cemeteries, historic preservation and museums).

That’s it!  Staying informed and engaged with the legislative process will enable CTA membership to better promote the issues that directly affect us and protect the resources we steward and this portal makes it easy.  So login today!

Andrea Stahman Burden, Governmental Affairs Committee

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