Legislation Watch: SB 1630 and HB 3265. Public Hearings tomorrow! (April 18th)

Please note that two identical proposed bills have been filed in the House (by Representative Donna Howard) and Senate (by Senator Dawn Buckingham) that address several matters relating to the Health & Safety Code including:


  •  definitions for terms currently used in the law
  •  introduction of new definitions and a process for verification for filing record of unknown    cemeteries
  •  landowner notification requirements for Notice of Existence of Cemetery filings
  •  concurrent reporting to landowners and THC for unverified cemeteries
  •  removal of the state registrar permit requirement for exhumations from certain types of cemeteries
  •  the inclusion of municipal or county cemeteries as options for reburial

The Senate Committee on Business and Commerce will consider SB 1630 at a public hearing scheduled for Tuesday, April 18th at 8am and the House Committee on Culture, Recreation & Tourism will consider HB 3265 at a public hearing scheduled for Tuesday, April 18th at 2pm.

To track future activity of these bills, please click on the links to each bill above or visit the Texas Legislature Online (http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/).
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