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Officers (Executive Committee)

President: Jon Lohse
Vice President: Andi Burden
Secretary: Julie Shipp
Treasurer: Maggie Moore
Newsletter Editor: Christina Nielsen

Standing Committee Chairs

Auditing: Mark Denton
Communications: Catherine Jalbert
Contractor’s List: Erin Phillips
Curation: Marybeth Tomka
Governmental Affairs: Nesta Anderson
Multicultural Relations: Mary Jo Galindo
Nominating: Bill Martin
Public Education: David O. Brown

Special Committee Chairs

Academic Archeology and CRM: Todd Ahlman
Anti-looting: Jeff Hanson
Archaeological Protocols: This committee is made up of several subcommittees. Please check the Committee webpage for contact information.
History: Reign Clark
Membership: Haley Rush
Publications Webpage: Scott Pletka
Survey Standards: Marianne Marek

12 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I am looking for assistance in determining if a certain cemetery plot has no one buried in it. I want to buy a plot next to my parents but the administrator does not want to sell it for fear of someone else being buried there. There is a blank space of at least 7 plots without markers the direction of my desired plot. There is no grass, drought has left bare dirt.

    Do any of you know what devices I can use or persons I can hire to perform this task.

  2. As you know, AJC Environmental LLC (formerly AJ Consulting) publishes the Archeological Journal of the Texas Prairie-Savannah. Tim Perttula suggested that I send the volumes (3) to you to put on your website. If you are willing, I would be glad to do it. If so, how do I do it?



  3. I am looking for someone who can help me identify, save, etc. a possible ancient site near where I live. It looks very similar to the Council Circle of Rice County Kansas.

    Thank you for any help.

  4. I have found what has been described as a (speckled) ‘granite’ plummet, small mallet (like a ball-peen), or bola stone on my hill top in Dallas, Texas. In addition, I have discovered carved limestone pieces, and large petrified sea shells, . The hill top is located approximately 3 miles from the The Bachman’s Dam Site (41DL23). Who can I contact in my local area that might be interested in seeing this?

  5. Hi. Trying to get out company, Turpin and Sons Inc. back on the list, but am unsure of the procedure this late in the year. All help appreciated. jt

  6. Hello;

    I’m with the Taylor County History Center at Buffalo Gap, TX and am looking for some direction. We are currently trenching behind one our historical buildings doing electrical work. Various artifacts are turning up. Mostly from the 1920’s, but now we are finding artifacts from an earlier occupation. The nature of the work limited, but destructive. Who can I talk to for guidance concerning the protection/documentation/location of artifacts left in situ?

    Thank you in advance for any help.

    Ken Walker

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