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Officers (Executive Committee)

President: Jon Lohse
Vice President: Reign Clark
Secretary: Kristi Miller Nichols
Treasurer: Maggie Moore
Newsletter Editor: Christina Nielsen

Standing Committee Chairs

Auditing: Mark Denton
Communications: Mindy Bonine
Contractor’s List: Erin Phillips
Curation: Marybeth Tomka
Governmental Affairs: Nesta Anderson
Multicultural Relations: Mary Jo Galindo
Nominating: Bill Martin
Public Education: David O. Brown

Special Committee Chairs

Academic Archeology and CRM: Todd Ahlman
Anti-looting: Jeff Hanson
Archaeological Protocols:This committee is made up of several subcommittees. Please check the Committee webpage for contact information.
History: Doug Boyd
Membership: Haley Rush
Publications Webpage: Scott Pletka
Survey Standards: Marianne Marek

6 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I am looking for assistance in determining if a certain cemetery plot has no one buried in it. I want to buy a plot next to my parents but the administrator does not want to sell it for fear of someone else being buried there. There is a blank space of at least 7 plots without markers the direction of my desired plot. There is no grass, drought has left bare dirt.

    Do any of you know what devices I can use or persons I can hire to perform this task.

  2. As you know, AJC Environmental LLC (formerly AJ Consulting) publishes the Archeological Journal of the Texas Prairie-Savannah. Tim Perttula suggested that I send the volumes (3) to you to put on your website. If you are willing, I would be glad to do it. If so, how do I do it?



  3. I am looking for someone who can help me identify, save, etc. a possible ancient site near where I live. It looks very similar to the Council Circle of Rice County Kansas.

    Thank you for any help.

  4. I have found what has been described as a (speckled) ‘granite’ plummet, small mallet (like a ball-peen), or bola stone on my hill top in Dallas, Texas. In addition, I have discovered carved limestone pieces, and large petrified sea shells, . The hill top is located approximately 3 miles from the The Bachman‚Äôs Dam Site (41DL23). Who can I contact in my local area that might be interested in seeing this?

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