Contractor’s List Committee

The CTA bylaws state:

The Contractors List Committee shall consist of one or more members, appointed by the President with the assistance and approval of the elected officers. This Committee shall maintain an up-to-date Contractors List on the CTA web site. Each Cultural Resources Director (CRD) must be a member of the CTA and be in good standing to be included on the Contractors List. The CRD can appear only once in the Contractors List. Each contractor must pay the listing fee in addition to the individual membership dues of the CRD. Contractors will be listed on the CTA web page as soon as possible, after they have paid both their dues and fees and have provided all necessary information for listing to the Committee. Each CTA contractor shall be responsible for timely notification to this Committee of address or information changes. Contractor fees and CRD fees are due January 1 to the CTA Treasurer. Listed contractors who do not pay a renewal fee by January 31 will be removed from the list until the fee is paid. Application to the Contractors List may occur at any time through the year; however, there are no prorated rates.

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  1. debra beene says:

    I paid my dues and contractor’s list fees via online payment; I sent my company’s profile to Erin Phillips. Please advise if there is anything else or anyone else I need to send information to and when would I expect to see our name listed?

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